We aren’t joking when we say we’re the best laser tattoo removal clinic in Des Moines. Still don’t believe us? Below are real before and after pictures of laser tattoo removal results achieved with our Astanza Duality. Every patient shown below was once like you. Now they are ink-free, satisfied patients who have made tattoo regret a thing of the past. These pictures should give you a better idea of what you can expect after a treatment from Destination Laser.

Day after 1st session (current client in removal process)
14 days after 1st session (current client in removal process)



There are numerous laser clinics posting false before and after results on their websites by altering or editing their pictures. Each and every results photo displayed on this page was 100% achieved with our Astanza Duality. When researching other laser tattoo removal clinics, make sure you choose one that is truthful and reputable.

Destination Laser is dedicated to delivering efficient results that will leave your skin looking like nothing was ever there in the first place. We give clear, ink-free skin through safe laser application in the fewest treatments possible. Call us today to get results like these!