Successful Tattoo Removal

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If you are looking for tattoo removal, the number one criteria you need to look for is the machine that is being used by the Certified Laser Specialist. In the past few weeks, I have met with new clients that have had numerous treatments around the Des Moines area and they have seen little to no results. My new clients have had anywhere from 5-17 sessions at surrounding tattoo removal shops/clinics and unfortunately have not seen positive results. Every time I meet with a new client, I take time to explain exactly what the Duality Laser does and the procedure we follow each time I have a session with them. I explain to the client how we reach a successful removal by doing test spots and increasing the light energy until we see a positive reaction. Most of my clients that have had previous treatments elsewhere, have shared with me that this has never been explained to them and there was no increase in the light energy. I have also discovered that the right machine has not been used on their tattoos. In order to achieve successful tattoo removal, the Certified Laser Specialist has to use a machine that is designed for tattoo removal. A machine that is designed for hair removal, scar or blemish removal, is not designed to remove tattoos. Unfortunately, these machines are being used for tattoo removal and the clients are wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars. The average amount of sessions with the Duality Laser is 5-10 sessions, not 12-17. My clients have been seeing amazing results after 2-3 sessions. If you are looking for maximum results with minimal sessions, Destination Laser is the place to go!

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